Music for Talking Tom Hero Dash

Game music & music for official Trailers

Music for Games & Media


Epix productions, owned by composer and musician Martin Bezjak, is a music production studio for TV, video games and commercials as well as professional recording studio for musicians, bands and artists.

Martin holds a BA in audio engineering (1st class) from SAE (Middlesex University London) as well as High School Diploma (instrument Viola) at Conservatory of Music and Ballet Maribor.

His passion while composing and producing drives him to create highly professional sounding tracks for any form of media while sustaining its soul and originality.

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Music score for the game “Talking Tom Pool”
Music for “Talking Tom and Friends” cartoons and shows.

Composing & sound mixing

Music for video game “Elroy and the Aliens” [ongoing]

Music composer

Online and mobile Casino games.

Music composer


Album “No offence”, “Heard ya say!”

Recording, producing & songwriting

Album “Visoko v nebo”

Recording & producing

Famous people imitation songs

Cocomposing & Music production

Singles: “Hvala za vijolice” & “Kaj pa ti”

Producing & Mixing

Ema 2019, 2016

EP 2019

Mixing & Mastering

Album “Focus”

Recording & producing


“Je Bella Cesta” 2013-2014
Main musical theme, in-show songs

Songwriter, music producer & audio mixing

EMA 2017 main musical theme and musical jingles

“Ne se hecat, 2016” main musical theme and musical jingles.

Songwriter & music producer

TV series “The Crazy Ones” with Robin Williams.

Songwriter & music producer for the song “Danny Boy”.

Music for Games & TV

Recording & Mixing


Recording Studio

Where digital meets the analog.



Intel i7
16GB ram
SSD 500Gb
Cubase 9


Audio interface:

Presonus DigiMax D8
Steinberg UR22
Steinber CC121 Controller


Analog recording:

BAE (Neve) 1073
REDD.47 custom
Toft Audio EC1 ch. strip
Joemeek VC6Q
GAP Pre-73
Art Tube MP
GAP comp-54
Art vla II compressor
Teac X-2000M Tape 1/4″ 15 ips


Yamaha Msp5 Studio
JBL control 1
Beyerdynamic DT770
Shure e2



Gefell M1030
Audio Technica 4040
Audio Technica ATM25
Audio Technica ATM450
2x Oktava Mk012
3x CAD m179
3x Beyerdynamic opus 88
Audix i5
Shure BG 4.1
2x Shure sm57
2x Shure sm58
MB dynamic ST

and more …


Avara Custom basses
Avara Custom guitars
Yamaha RGX820Z
Yamaha RGX Ty Tabor signature
Epiphone 200CE Acoustic
Lorenzo l449
Classic guitar Admira solo
Pianino Petroff
Ukulele Flight


Amplifiers & cabinets:

Mesa Boogie Mark IV
Marshall jcm800
Ampeg SVT classic
Bogner Ubershall
2×12 V30, Classic lead
4×12 Marshall V30

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